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MoyS11Wk5h1 - 1 Define the terms input and data What are...

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1. Define the terms “input” and “data”. What are the various forms of instructions? Explain briefly. (7 points) Input: any instructions or data entered into a computer’s memory o You can input through a keyboard, mouse, touch screen, or a device that has a touch screen, PC video camera, digital camera, microphone or scanner. Data: A collection of unprocessed numbers, images, audio, video and text o This is processed into information Instructions: the steps that tell a computer how to perform a task o This includes: Programs: a series of instructions that tells the computer how to perform a task Commands: entered by users, and can be typed, spoken into a microphone, or imputed by using a mouse Responses: asked by a program, based off users responces the program performs particular actions. 2. Give an example of a controller for a media player and describe its function. List the various kinds of gaming controllers. (7 points)
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