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MoyS11Wk2h1 - Student Homework MoyS11Wk2h1 1 What is an IP...

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Student Homework: MoyS11Wk2h1 1. What is an IP address? How is it related to a domain name? (7 points) Internet Protocol Address is an identification number used when a computer or a devise connects to the Internet. It consists of 4 groups of numbers separated by periods. Each number is between 0 and 255. The first 3 numbers identifies a specific network, while the last identifies an individual computer. A Domain Name relates to an IP address because it is a text version of that IP address. The domain name system is the method the Internet uses to translate the domain name into its original IP address. 2. What is streaming? What kind of media is usually streamed? (7 points) Streaming is when data is transferred continuously and evenly for the purpose of immediate playback. This allows users to access and use a file while connected to the Internet. It is typically audio files being streamed, often used by TV and Radio stations. 3.
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