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When we were comparing web browsers we each decided to pick a different third option to see how it would compare to our main two that we had wanted to focus on that is out Google Chrome and Safari. When I picked Internet Explorer I did not realize how out dated that got really fast. When I was looking up interesting things I saw a chart of how many times a companies “newest” internet would change into something bigger and better. And in this research Internet Explore was way behind in the race. When I was telling Andrew this he was also telling me that when he was researching in his opinion Google Chrome came in last with Firefox in a close second and Safari up on a whole different level. We came to the conclusion that Safari is our personal favorite. We have a couple main
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Unformatted text preview: reasons behind this our first being that we both operate on MacBook Pro’s the speed can be incredibly fast compared to Firefox. If you are running on a Mac then you really only have two (logical) options for browsers, and those are Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. We both use the features that come on the MacBook so the fact that Safari is built to be compatible with these applications makes it an obvious decision that Safari is our choice. When you pull up a Safari browser the navigation is easy and speedy and when you are in college easy and speedy and fabulous things to hear. Some rely on school connections while other run on off campus lines and you need a browser that is going to be able to get where you want before your internet goes down again....
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