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Student Homework: MoyS19Wk1h1 1. What are the advantages of computers? What are the disadvantages of computers? Answer: Computers are a primary means of local and global communication for billions of people. Computers process information with great speed, reliability, and consistency. They also have large storage capacities, making it easy to access information and share it with other devices. Violation of Privacy and identity theft can be huge problems, along with files that can be accessed in the form of photos, videos, or other personal information that can help people locate you. Computers have also replaced millions of employees, and can also cause serous health problems, if worked at too much. Computer disposal can also pollute the environment. 2. What is a graphical user interface? Explain by giving an example. Answer: The interface helps users interact with the software. It controls ways users enter data and instructions and how the information is displayed on the screen. A graphical user interface (GUI) is a type of interface that uses stylized images called icons,
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Unformatted text preview: graphics and text. An icon is a small image that represents an instruction, program, or other object. A mouse can be used to select icons that perform operations, like opening a program. 3. What is e-commerce? Give two examples of ecommerce. Answer: E-commerce is a way to conduct business on the web. Small businesses and home users can create websites to do so. Their websites are often capable of taking orders online, and advertising their products. Some use web cams to show aspects of their business to the world. 4. What is finance software? What is online banking? Answer: Finance software allows users to manage their finances. It can be used to balance checkbooks, pay bills, track personal incomes, manage investments, and evaluate financial plans. Online banking allows users to pay bills, access account balances, and copy monthly transactions from the banks computers to theirs. This allows users to access their account from around the world....
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