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notes - Was encouraging and provided guidance even before...

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  Advisor Evaluation Form     5  = Excellent  4  = Good  3   = Fair   2   = Poor  1  =  Unsatisfactory  0  =  No basis to judge on this issue Rating  1) 5 2) 5 3) 5 4) 5 5) 5 6) 4 7) 5 8) 0 9) 0 10) 5 Click into the shaded Rating Column and for each  item, rate Mr. Millen  using the scale shown below.   Knowledgeable about University  rules and procedures Knowledgeable about my Civil Engineering  program  rules and procedures Encouraged and assisted me in developing a program  of study to meet my degree requirements Offers suggestions and evaluations, but lets me make  final decisions Informs me about other academic support services  within the university Organized with up-to-date information on required  paper work Reliable in responding to questions, and following up  with issues  Encourages participation in professional organizations,  internships and Study Abroad programs
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Unformatted text preview: Was encouraging and provided guidance even before enrolling in Civil Engineeing at ISU. Overall Rating: Based on my overall experience with my advisor I would rate my advisor as: Comments: You may type any notes of special interest in the shaded cell below. The cell will expand to accept more information. Thank you for your assistance. When completed, save this Excel file and attach it to an email to Professor Kannel at : [email protected] The ratings are all confidential and names will be removed from the e-mailed file before processing, but if you prefer you may leave a printed copy with Dr. Kannel or April Franksain in the CCEE Advising Center, 382 Town Engineering. mailto:[email protected]?subject=Millen_evaluation...
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  • Spring '11
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  • study abroad programs, academic support services, shaded Rating Column, Civil Engineering  program, CCEE Advising Center

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