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Chapter 13 Notes - Chapter 13 Notes Prejudice a hostile or...

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Chapter 13 Notes Prejudice – a hostile or negative attitude toward a distinguishable group of people based solely on their membership in that group. Stereotype – a generalization about a group of people in which certain traits are assigned to virtually all members of the group, regardless of actual variation among the members. Discrimination – unjustified negative or harmful action toward a member of a group simply because of his or her membership in that group. Out-Group homogeneity – the perception that individuals in the out-group are more similar to each other than they really are, as well as more similar than the members of the in-group are. Illusory Correlation – the tendency to see relationships, or correlations, between events that are actually unrelated. Ultimate Attribution Error – the tendency to make dispositional attributions about an entire group of people. Stereotype Threat – the apprehension experienced by members of a group that their behavior might confirm a cultural stereotype.
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