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PHL211Paper2 - mover is no longer in motion who is to say...

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Molly Shifrin January 26 th , 2010 PHL 211 Paper #2 According to Aquinas’ first two proofs, the nature of God(s) is purely logical. There is no discussion of beneficiaries, benevolence, etc. The God(s) discussed in these first two proofs exist purely to start (and possibly maintain) the chain of events that is existence. In order for everything to be in motion (or not in motion), as Aquinas suggests, there only need be a power to start this motion since nothing causes/motivates itself. The way in which the world moves, however, is not discussed. The world could move in negative ways, etc. but the God(s) that Aquinas discussed are indifferent, it seems. There is certainly potential for exponential Gods, as Aquinas has explained it. There must be a first mover, admittedly, but that first mover always has the potential to stop being in motion, in which case there would need to be a mover to cause that first mover to come back into motion. Any Gods after the first mover would be admittedly less or differently powered than the first mover, but this is arguable. As soon as the first
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Unformatted text preview: mover is no longer in motion, who is to say that that deity is still the first mover? In this way, from Aquinas’ argument, there is the potential for any number of Gods. There could also only be two Gods in this way in that one is always the mover and the other the moved. Aquinas seems to have proven that there is indeed somewhere between two and a multitude to Gods existing currently, otherwise the world and it’s happenings would not be in motion i.e. existence. The chain reaction mentioned earlier is still happening so inherently there are still Gods pushing this to happen. However, this is only true if we discover things which we don’t think have a cause e.g. miracles. If everything that happens can be traced to physical, known causes, then Gods don’t have to exist. They merely had to exist to get the chain reaction started, but this does not seem to be what Aquinas explains....
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PHL211Paper2 - mover is no longer in motion who is to say...

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