hw01 - CS 70 Spring 2005 Discrete Mathematics for CS...

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CS 70 Discrete Mathematics for CS Spring 2005 Clancy/Wagner HW 1 Due Tuesday, January 25 Note concerning due dates: Homework submissions after this one will be due on Thursdays at 3:30, so that solutions may be distributed in class. Late homework will not be accepted. Coverage: This assignment involves topics from the January 18 and 20 lectures and from chapter 1 of Rosen. Administrative details of preparing and submitting homework submissions: In CS 70 this semester, you will be submitting all homework solutions online. (You will probably recognize the submission system from CS 61ABC.) To get ready for online submission, do the following. 1. Get an EECS instructional computer account. We will distribute account forms at class on Tuesday, January 18 and Thursday, January 20; thereafter, you may pick one up at 385 Soda. 2. Register with the grading system. See the CS 70 home page for instructions on how to do this. We will accept only unformatted text files or PDF files for homework submission. In particular, we will not accept files produced by Microsoft Word unless they are converted to PDF, and the submission program will be configured to reject files whose names end in ”.doc”. (We will also not accept paper homework submissions.) We encourage you to learn the TeX document processing language to produce your homework submissions. The command latex hw1.tex dvipdf hw1.dvi hw1.pdf given on the instructional computing systems, will produce a PDF file from TeX source. Make sure you check carefully that the PDF comes out correctly before submitting, and correct any errors. We suggest
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hw01 - CS 70 Spring 2005 Discrete Mathematics for CS...

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