hw07 - CS 70 Spring 2005 Discrete Mathematics for CS...

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CS 70 Discrete Mathematics for CS Spring 2005 Clancy/Wagner HW 7 Due Saturday, March 19 Coverage: This assignment involves topics from the lectures of March 1, 8, and 10, and from Rosen section 2.6. Administrative reminders: We will accept only unformatted text files or PDF files for homework sub- mission. Include your name, login name, section number, and partner list in your submission. Give the command submit hw7 to submit your solution to this assignment. We advise you to work with a partner. If you haven’t yet switched partners, you should do so for this assignment. Question 1 is a programming assignment. You should work on your own for the programming assignment (but you may work with a partner for the rest of the questions, as usual). Homework exercises: 1. (24 pts.) Implementing RSA You are to complete a program (either in Scheme or in Java) to generate a public/private key pair and encrypt and decrypt messages. In Scheme, this involves completing the functions key-component-list , inverse , and mod-power in the framework file rsa.scm . The analogous task in Java is to com- plete the methods createKeys , inverse , and modPower in the framework file RSA.java . Don’t change any of the code provided in the file other than what’s specified. The Scheme functions will be tested in stk . The Java code will be tested both with a RSAtester.java class that has access to the methods you are to provide, and with a shell script that calls the main method. Command-line arguments to the RSA program are as follows. • The first argument is either
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hw07 - CS 70 Spring 2005 Discrete Mathematics for CS...

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