Bio47-Lab02-Key - 2 Name Microscope Cytology Laboratory...

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Lab 2 – Microscopy Rev. 3 Bio47 - Human Anatomy 1 2 Name : ____________________________________________ Microscope / Cytology Laboratory Activities : 1C. Components of the Microscope The microscope is the most basic and widely used instrument in the life science laboratory. In order to make the microscope an effective scientific instrument; you should become familiar with the names and functions of the microscope parts listed in the lab manual and diagramed in figure 1. 1. Obtain a microscope from the microscope cabinet. Be sure to carry the microscope with 2 hands, one under the base and one on the arm. 2. Obtain a prepared letter “e” slide. 3. Turn on the microscope and secure the electrical cord so that it does not dangle from the desk top 4. Locate all microscope component identified on page 2 and in figure 1. 5. Be able to describe the function of each component . 1E. Initial Focusing and Correct Use of the Microscope : 1. Correctly place the slide on the stage in the mechanical retainer clamps. Place the “e” on the stage in the correct readable position (as viewed from the side rather than through the microscope) e 2. Swing the low power (10x) objective (green band) into place. Place the letter “e” slide right side up at the center of the stage over the stage opening. 3. Use the coarse adjusting knob to bring the stage as close to the objective lens as possible. Then, while looking through the eyepiece very slowly turn the coarse adjusting knob away from you until the letter comes into view. 4. Open the iris diaphragm and then close it down until you find a level of light intensity that is
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Bio47-Lab02-Key - 2 Name Microscope Cytology Laboratory...

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