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Bio47-Lab03-Key - resist physical and chemical stress and...

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Lab 3 – Histology Rev. 4 Bio47 - Human Anatomy 3 Name : ______________________________________ Histology – Work sheet Matching : 1. Dense Regular Connective tissue 9___ a. Primitive Germ Layer giving rise to the Nervous System 2. Stratified Squamous Epithelial Tissue 5___b. Connective Tissue cell responsible for secreting large amounts of protein into the Matrix 3. Adipose Tissue 12___c. Glycoprotein secretion functioning to attach cells to the underlying tissue 4. Mesenchymal Cells 1___d. Tissue comprised of a semifluid matrix with copious amount of uniformly arranged protein fibers 5. Fibroblast 8___e. Continuous sheet of primarily columnar cells, where all cells are attached at the basal surface but not all cells extend to the apical surface of the tissue 6. Mesoderm 6___f. Primitive germ layer which give rise to connective, epithelial and muscle tissue 7. Transitional Epithelial Tissue 2___g. Continuous sheet of cells designed for protection :
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Unformatted text preview: resist physical and chemical stress and abrasion; often filled with hardening protein keratin 8. Psuedostratified Epithelial Tissue 13___h. Extra-cellular substance consisting of the ground substance and the protein fibers 9. Ectoderm 3___i. Loose connective tissue proper predominated by fat storin cells ; function in cushioning & protection, insulation, energy storage 10. Connective Tissue Proper 11___ j. Solution surrounding the cellular and fibrous components of connective tissue 11. Ground Substance 7___k. Continuous sheet of cells designed to accommodate to tissue stretching without tearing ; cellular shape depends upon degree of tissue stretch 12. Basement Membrane 4___l. Embryonic connective tissue ; plueripotent cells 13. Matrix 10___m. Tissue characterized by wide variety of cell types (fixed and wandering) and protein fibers in a thick semifluid (viscous) ground substance...
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