Bio47-Lab04-Key - collectively called :...

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Lab 4 – Histology II Rev. 3 1 Bio47 - Human Anatomy 4 Name : ______________________________________ Histology – Work sheet Labeling : Use the following diagram to help learn the terminology. (Vessels) (Space containing vessels) (Layer) lamellae Central blood vessels Perforating Canal Trabeculae osteon
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Lab 4 – Histology II Rev. 3 2 Bio47 - Human Anatomy Matching : 1. Fibrocartilage 3___a. Most abundant cartilage 2. Elastic cartilage 1___b. Cartilage found in body areas subject to high levels of compaction stress 3. Hyaline Cartilage 4___c. The semisolid gel ground substance secreted by chondrocytes 4. Chondroitin Sulafate 2___d. The most flexible cartilage Fill-in’s : Answer the following questions : 1. The bone cells responsible for the active secretion of bone matrix are : osteoblasts 2. The bony matrix is hardened by the addition the calcium phosphate and calcium hydroxide minerals
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Unformatted text preview: collectively called : hydroxyapatite_____________ 3. Unspecialized bone cells derived from mesenchymal. Cells, which have the potential to develop into active bone matrix secreting cells (osteoblasts) are called : osteoprogenitor cells 4. The osteon are the structural and functional units of compact bone. 5. The concentric ring of matrix arranged around the central canal are called : ____lamellae_________ 8. The small space which houses the mature osteocytes is called the : lacunae__ 9. The bony struts or little beams which comprise the lattice of spongy bone are called : trabeculae 10. Small communicating canals connecting the osteocytes within the lacunae to the central blood vessels: ____canaliculi___________________________ (Spaces) (Lines) (Layer) (Space) lacunae Lamellae canaliculi Central canal...
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Bio47-Lab04-Key - collectively called :...

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