Bio47-Lab05-Key - 5 Name : _ Membranes / Integument Work...

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Lab 5 – Integument Rev. 4 Biology 47 - Human Anatomy 1 5 Name : ______________________________________ Membranes / Integument Work Problems : Answer the following questions : 1. The two components of the integument 2. The two layers of the dermis 3. The integument is connected to underlying tissue with a loose fatty connective tissue layer called the : Subcutaneous or Hypodermis 4. The exocrine glands which are directly associated with the hair follicles, functioning to oil and lubricate: the hair shaft are called : Sebaceous Glands 5. All accessory structures of the integument are derived from which of the four adult primary tissue types : Epithelial Tissue 6. What is the function of the arrector pili muscles : To stand the hair upright by pulling the follicle 7. The layer of the epidermis responsible for the production of all epidermal cells is the : ___Stratum Germinativum or Stratum Basale _ 8. The cone shaped projection of dermis into the hair bulb supplying the epidermal hair follicle with nutrient rich blood and nerve fibers : Hair papillae 9. The most superficial layer of the epidermis: Stratum Corneum 10. The cells responsible for producing skin pigmentation : Melanocytes 11. The gland cells which secrete a viscous, odoriferous substance: Apocrine Glands 12. The protein secreted by cells of the epidermis which functions to harden and make cells more water resistant is called : ____Keratin__________________________ 13. The layer of integument which functions to house and support a majority of the epidermal accessory structures : __Dermis (reticular layer of dermis)____ 14. The network of blood vessels within the
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Bio47-Lab05-Key - 5 Name : _ Membranes / Integument Work...

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