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Unformatted text preview: Lab 8 – Appendicular Skeleton Rev. 4 Human Anatomy - Bio47 1 8 Name : ______________________________________ Appendicular Skeleton Complete the following Statements : 1. The pectoral girdle articulates with the Axial Skeleton at the : ___Sternoclavicular________ Joint. 2. The pectoral girdle is held in place by __tendons____________ from associated muscle rather than by ligaments. 3. The clavicle articulates with the _sternum__________ & the ___Scapula______________. 4. The posterior surface of the scapula is divided into 2 unequal portions by the ___Spine________. 5. The lateral projection of bone which is often referred to as the shoulder is actually the __acromion___ of the scapula. 6. The rounded articulation for the head of the humerus is the ___glenoid fossa______ of the scapula. 7. The hook shaped articulating region of the ulna is referred to as the : __Trochlear notch_ 8. The region of the humerus which accommodates for the biceps tendon is the : ___bicipital groove...
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