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Lab 9 – Appendicular Skeleton (Lower Extremity) Rev 4 Human Anatomy - Bio47 1 9 Name : ______________________________________ Appendicular Skeleton Matching : 1. a____Acetabulum a. Coxal (Innominate )Bone 2. a____Ishial Spine b. Femur 3. b____Adductor tubercle c. Tibia 4. c____Intercondylar eminence d. Fibula 5. d____Lateral Malleolus e. Tarsals 6. a____Obturator foramen 7. b____Gluteal tuberosity 8. c____Medial Malleolus 9. a____Lunate Surface 10. b____Greater Trochanter 11. a____Anterior Superior Iliac Spine 12. b____Linea Aspera Fill-in’s : 1. The lateral aspect of the ankle is supported by the __lateral malleolus__ of the __Fibula____ bone. 2. The three juvenile bone unite to form the complete coxal bone are : ___Ilium, ishium, pubis_____ . 3. The head of the femur articulates with the coxal bone within the deep depression of the : _acetabulum_ specifically along the smooth “C” shaped ___Lunate___________ Surface. 4. The femur articulates with the __Condyles____ of the __tibia_____ to form the “knee joint”.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. The space between the femoral condyles accommodates for the : ___Intercondylar fossa_______. 6. The bones which articulate to form the ankle joint are :___Fibula, Tibia, and Talus________. 7. The prominent elevated ridge functioning to provide and attachment site for the Patellar Ligament is the : ___Tibial Tuberosity____________ 8. The great toe is also called the : ___Hallux______. It articulates with the __metatarsal #1_____ proximately. Short Answer : 1. What is the difference between the pelvis and coxal bone? Pelvis is the entire ring of bone consisting of the two coxal bones and the sacrum. The coxal bone is a portion of the pelvic girdle. 2. What are the distinguishing features of the male and female pelvis? The female false pelvis is wider, due to the more horizontal iliac bones (Coxal), the sacrum is less curved, the pubic arch is greater than 100, the pelvic inlet and outlet are larger....
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