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Lab 12 – Skeletal Muscle Lower Extremity rev.4 Human Anatomy - Bio47 1 12 Name : ______________________________________ Skeletal Muscle – Lower Extremity Matching : 1. Extensor Hallucis Longus 2 a. Functions to laterally rotate hip. Originates from the sacrum & inserts into the greater trochanter 2. Piriformis 6 b. Combines with gastrocnemius to form the calcaneal tendon. Functions to Plantar flex 3. Sartorius 8 c. Originates from the shaft of the fibula and tibia. Collectively function to evert and plantar flex 4. Gluteus Medius 12 d. Primary hip flexor originating from the lumbar vertebrae and T12. Inserts inferior to lesser trochanter 5. Rectus Femoris 14 e. Functions to dorsiflex and invert foot 6. Soleus 16 f. Functions to adduct thigh. Originates from pubis and inserts into medial tibial condyle 7. Adductor Magnus 1 g. Originates from anterior shaft of fibula and inserts into hallux 8. Peroneus Longus & Brevis 20 h. Originates from the medial-posterior femoral shaft
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