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Lab 14 - Skeletal Muscle (Trunk) rev. 4 Human Anatomy - Bio47 1 14 Name : ______________________________________ Skeletal Muscle: Trunk 1. Trapezius 4___a. Origin: C7-T1 ; Insertion : Scapula 2. Levator Scapulae 5___b. Origin: Lower thoracic & all lumbar vertebrae (spinous process), lumbodorsal fascia & lower ribs ; Insertion : Humerus 3. Rhomboideus Major 7___c. Origin: Sternum, clavicle & ribs (2-6); Insertion : Humerus 4. Rhomboideus Minor 15___d. “Boxer’s Muscles” 5. Latissimus Dorsi 10___e. Origin: Rib (Inferior border of superior rib) ; elevates rib 6. Erector Spinae Muscle Group 2___f. Origin: Cervical vertebrae ; Insertion Scapula 7. Pectoralis Major 13___g. Origin: Ilium (iliac crest) & lumbodorsal fascia ; flex &/or laterally rotate vertebral column
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Pectoralis Minor 1___ h. Elevates, depresses, retracts, adducts & rotates scapula & elevates clavicle 9. Teres Major 11___i. Insertion: Rib (Inferior border of superior rib); Depress rib 10. External Intercostal Muscles 6___j. Largest muscle mass of the back; extend the vertebral column & laterally flex the vertebral column 11. Internal Intercostal Muscles 12___k. Origin: Ribs; Insertion: Linea alba, & Ilium (iliac crest) 12. External Abdominal Oblique 14___l. Origin: Pubis; Insertion: Xiphoid process & ribs (5-7) 13. Internal Abdominal Oblique 3___m. Origin: Thoracic vertebrae; Adduct Scapula 14. Rectus Abdominus 8___n. Origin: Ribs (3-5) ; Insertion: Scapula (Coracoid process) 15. Serratus Anterior 9___o. Medially rotates humerus, but is NOT a rotator cuff muscle...
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