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Bio47-Lab15-Key - 15 Name Digestive System Matching 1...

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Lab 15 – Digestive System rev. 4 Bio- 47 Human Anatomy 1 15 Name : ______________________________________ Digestive System Matching : 1. Cystic Duct 4 a. diverticulum from the inferior aspect of the cecum. Functions in immunity 2. Pyloris 11 b. The dark red immune structure lateral & inferior to the stomach. Functions in Immunity. 3. Falciform ligament 17 c. The last segment of the colon (present in humans) 4. Appendix 2 d. The last segment of the stomach before the entrance into the duodenum 5. Mesocolon 19 e. The central tendonous region of the diaphragm which allows the passage of the large vessels, esophagus and nerves 6. Cardia 12 f. The accessory digestive structure in the “C” of the duodenum, just inferior to the stomach. Secretes digestive enzymes and neutralizing chemicals into the duodenum 7. Greater Omentun 18 g. The transverse dome shaped muscle separating the thoracic and abdominal cavities. Functions in breathing 8. Haustra 15 h. The macroscopic folds of the stomach interior which
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