Bio47-Lab16-Key - 16 Name : _ Digestive / Respiratory...

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Lab 16 – Digestive / Respiration rev. 4 Bio- 47 Human Anatomy 1 16 Name : ______________________________________ Digestive / Respiratory System Matching : 1. Right lung 4___a. Mucous membrane covered lateral projections of bone into the nasal cavity; functioning to circulate air 2. Parotid Gland 5___b. Epithelial projections across tongue surface functioning to increase the texture for greater manipulation and friction 3. Uvula 7___c. Ridged, hardened anterior portion of roof of oral cavity formed by palantine bones & palantine process of maxillary bone 4. Turbinates (chonchae) 1___d. Shorter, more broad lung 5. Papillae 12___e. Opening in the larynx which allows access into the lower respiratory structures 6. Circumvallate Papillae 17___f. Hollow balls of simple squamous epithelium, where the actual exchange of gases occurs 7. Hard Palate 3___g. Fleshy structure dangling from the posterior aspect of the soft palate ; deters premature swallowing 8. Platoglossal Arches 14___h. Largest larynx cartilage forming the majority of the
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Bio47-Lab16-Key - 16 Name : _ Digestive / Respiratory...

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