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Lab18 – Reproductive System (Male) rev 4 Human Anatomy - Bio 47 1 18 Name : ______________________________________ Reproductive System (Male) Matching : 1. Seminiferous Tubules 5___a. Primary Reproductive Structures 2. Sertoli Cells (sustentacular) 10___b. Homologous to the female clitoris 3. Leydig (interstitial) cells 7___c. Muscles embedded into the scrotal skin ; function in testicular thermoregulation 4. Tunica Vaginalis 8___d. Single muscular tubule carrying spermatozoa from the epididymis, through the inguinal cana), and into the abdominal cavity 5. Gonads 13___e. Portion of erectile tissue expanding into the mass of the abdominal wall 6. Cremaster Muscles 15___f. Expanded distal end of the penis (C. Spongiosum) 7. Dartos Muscle 1___g. Microscopic tubules ; serve as the site of spermatogenesis 8. Vas Deferens 18___h. 2 expansions of erectile tissue which serve to anchor the penis to the ishial bone of the pelvis (“cross”) 9. Spermatic Cord 4___i. Testicular serous membrane; lines the scrotal cavity and
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