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Lab 19 – Reproductive System (Female) rev 4 Human Anatomy - Bio 47 1 19 Name : ______________________________________ Reproductive System (Female) Matching : 1. Ovary 7___a. Thick musculature of the uterus comprises ~ 90% of the total size of the uterus 2. Fallopian Tube 5___b. Inferior portion of uterus which extends into the vaginal canal (~.5 in) 3. Infundibulum 9___c. Recesses present around the cervix as it protrudes into the vagina 4. Fundus 11___d. Supportive thickening within the broad ligament extending from the body wall to the ovary 5. Cervix 13___e. External folds of skin (homologous the male scrotum). 6. Endometrium 1___f. Female Gonad 7. Myometrium 16___g. The partially divided sex cell plus the surrounding supportive cells: arrested state at Prophase I of meiosis 8. Vagina 4___h. Rounded superior region of uterus superior to entrance of the fallopian tubes 9. Fornix 14___i. Mass of erectile tissue ( corpora cavernosa ) projecting into the anterior margin of the vestibule
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