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Lab20 – Cardiovascular System rev. 4 Human Anatomy - Bio 47 1 20 Name : ______________________________________ Cardiovascular System Matching : 1. Systemic Circulation 4___a. Blood with a low degree of oxygenation; typically carried in veins 2. Left Ventricle 8___b. Supportive dense irregular connective tissue of the heart ; Physically and electrically separates the atria and ventricles 3. Intercalated discs 6___b. Serous membranes enclosing the heart 4. Deoxygenated blood 11___c. Groove separating the atria from the ventricles. Lying within are the coronary arteries and veins 5. Functional syncytium 14___d. Vessels which drains a majority of blood from the heart; running within the anterior interventricular sulcus , around the left side of the heart 6. Pericardium 1___e. Pathway of blood to and from the body cells 7. Endocardium 13___f. Vessel which has one large branch down the anterior interventricular sulcus before it wraps around the left side of heart 8. Cardiac Skeleton
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