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Bio47-Lab21-Key - 21 Name Cardiovascular System Matching 1...

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Lab 21 – Cardiovascular (Vessels above the heart) Bio 47 - Human Anatomy 1 21 Name : ______________________________________ Cardiovascular System Matching : 1. Superior Vena Cava 5___a. Blood vessel responsible for allowing diffusion between blood and tissue 2. Lft. Common Carotid 10___b. First arterial branch off the Ascending Aorta 3. Vertebral Vein 7___b. As the Subclavian artery passes under the clavicle and over the 1 st rib it is referred as ___ 4. Internal Mammary Vein 18___c. The outer layer of connective tissue surrounding the blood vessels, functioning to attach and secure them to adjacent tissue 5. Capillary 11___d. Capacitance Vessels: storing a majority of blood volume 6. Tunica Media 1___e. Main vein delivering blood from the head, neck, chest, shoulders, and upper limbs into the right atrium 7. Axillary Artery 14___f. Two superficial upper extremity veins are the Basilic and the ___ 8. Tunica Intima (Interna) 12___g. The 1 st branch of the Aortic Arch 9. Brachial Vein 15___h. Large veins returning blood from the body tissue cells directly into the right atrium 10. Coronary Arteries
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