Bio47-Lab22-Key - 22 Name : _ Cardiovascular System...

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Lab22 – Cardiovascular II rev. 4 Bio 47 - Human Anatomy 1 22 Name : ______________________________________ Cardiovascular System Matching : 1. Great Saphenous 6___a. Large vein which functions to collect blood from the digestive tract 2. Basophil 9___b. First large unpaired branch off of the abdominal aorta, branches into the gastric, splenic, and hepatic arteries 3. Hepatic Veins 12___b. As the Femoral veins enter the pelvis it drains into the ___ 4. Lymphocytes 1___c. The large superficial vein of the lower extremity, traveling along the entire medial aspect (clinically significant) 5. Common Iliac Arteries 5___d. As the Abdominal aorta reaches the pelvis it divides into the ___ 6. Hepatic Portal Vein 10___e. The femoral artery passes posteriorly from the thigh to the knee to become the ___ 7. Axillary Artery 15___f. The paired arteries branching dorsally from the abdominal aorta 8. Granulocytes 11___g. The artery supplying the majority of the small & portions of the large intestine
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Bio47-Lab22-Key - 22 Name : _ Cardiovascular System...

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