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exam4sp02 - Sp 02 Exam#4 Chem 30B Name 1(9 pts Draw the...

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Sp 02 Exam #4 Name _________________ Chem 30B 1. (9 pts) Draw the structure of aspartic acid under the following pHs. pH = 1.2 pH = 7.1 pH = 12.3 2. (8 pts) Consider the following tri-peptide. A B C a) Put a box around the peptide bonds. b) Which of the above amino acids would most likely be found at the center portion of the tertiary structure of a globular protein? Explain your reasoning. 3. (10 pts)List how a protein can be denatured and which bonds are disrupted. Denaturing factor Disrupted bonds a) _____________________ ___________________________________ b) _____________________ ___________________________________ c) _____________________ ___________________________________ d) _____________________ ___________________________________ e) _____________________ ___________________________________ HO O NH 2 OH O HO C O H C N H C CH O H C N H CH 2 C O H C NH 2 CH 2 H 3 C CH 3 CH 2 C O OH CH 2 CH 2 CH 2 NH 2
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4. (14 pts) Determine whether the following statements refer to primary, secondary, tertiary or quaternary structure of a protein. a) Two proteins form an active protein. ______________________ b) a -helix ______________________ c) An enzyme looses activity due to denaturation. ______________________ d) The sequence in which the amino acids are linked. ______________________ e) Globular protein. ______________________ f) Disulfide linkage. ______________________ g) Ionic bonds. ______________________ 5. (8 pts) Identify whether the following statements best represent competitive or non- competitive inhibition.
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