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nomenclature-1 - Nomenclature 1 R-CH3 Methyl R-CH2-R...

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Nomenclature 1. R-CH 3 Methyl R-CH 2 -R methylene homologs - compounds that are different by on CH 2 Saturated Alkanes have formulas of C n H 2n + 2 2. Nomenclature-of alkanes a) Straight chain- n in front (normal) and –ane ending C Name C Name 1 Methane 6 Hexane 2 Ethane 7 Heptane 3 Propane 8 Octane 4 Butane 9 Nonane 5 Pentane 10 Decane Greek prefix- (number of C) + -ane b) Branching- (trivial names) Ex. C 4 H 10 C 4 H 10 R-CH 2 -R n- R C R 1 H R 2 iso- R C R 1 R 3 R 2 neo-
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c) IUPAC- naming (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) 1) Rule 1. Find the longest continuous chain of carbons, name that chain. Base is heptane 2) Rule 2. Number the longest chain. Start closest to the first substitute. If there is a tie number closes to the second branch. 3) Name the substituent groups. Name by the alkyl group. Replace –ane with –yl. Two substituents. 3-methyl 4-ethyl 4) a) list alkyl groups in alphabetical order. Prefixes di, tri, tetra, sec, tert are ignored., Iso, neo, cyclo, are not ignored.
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