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UC Berkeley Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science EECS 227A Nonlinear and Convex Optimization Problem Set 2 Fall 2009 Issued: Tuesday, September 8 Due: Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Reading: Sections 1.2—1.3 of Nonlinear programming by Bertsekas. ( Note: Be sure to use the scanned PDFs on webpage to obtain the correct numbering of the problems in this assignment.) Problem 2.1 Bertekas, Problem 2.1. (p 47). Minimizing function of two variables. Problem 2.2 Bertsekas, Problem 2.2 (p. 47). Steepest descent for
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Unformatted text preview: b x b 2+ β . Problem 2.3 Bertsekas, Problem 2.3 (p. 47). Steepest descent for b x b 3 / 2 . Problem 2.4 Bertsekas, Problem 2.8 (p. 49). Stationary for modi±ed gradient method. Problem 2.5 Bertsekas, Problem 2.12 (p. 50). Behavior near saddle point. Problem 2.6 Bertsekas, Problem 3.1 (p. 76). Convergence rate of line minimization. Problem 2.7 Bertsekas, Problem 3.4 (p. 76). Steepest descent with errors. Problem 2.8 Bertsekas, Problem 3.9 (pp. 78–79). Heavy ball method. 1...
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