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Psych 105 - Psych 105 Developmental Psychology Magic Tricks...

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Psych 105: Developmental Psychology Magic Tricks relate to development theories o Put into the brain/mind from outside ( empiricism ) o Was in the brain/mind all along ( nativism - knowledge and abilities are inate, specified at birth; maturation- some things are not learned but developed (ability to grow beard)) o Was constructed in the mind/brain by the mind/brain ( constructivism - knowledge is constructed through reasoning processes) Why study psychology? o Relevance: We were once a kid, studying children can provide insight as to how we are today Will one day be a parent- can influence parenting strategy Will help if you one day work with kids o Social Policy/promoting children’s welfare If a child’s brain is under developed, should a child be punished for certain acts? Law against selling violent video games to kids (relationship to behavior) Direction of relationship is not clear o Academic (HTMW) Many issues in developmental psychology are shared with other fields (computer science, neurology, etc.) 2 year old can do things a computer could never be built to do Themes of Developmental Psychology o Nature and Nurture Nature- genetics, biological endowment, Nurture- environment (physical, social, cultural, linguistic, economic, historical, etc.) All these things have an effect on your development Genes should be thought of as recipes. Environments as ingredients
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Genes specify what the product needs (environment) Genes expect certain things in the environment (water, gravity, food, light
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