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FR155 Study Guide - FR 155A Study Guide Charlemagne(712-814...

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Unformatted text preview: FR 155A Study Guide Charlemagne (712-814)- emperor and important literary figure 11 th Century French Epic: Song of Roland Romance of Antiquity The Medieval Women: Eve of Mary • The Eve/Mary Dichotomy: o Reveals the ambiguity of women that has existed since the beginning of time o Church's negative point of view: Eve • Women seen as corrupt, an agent of the devil, great temptress, responsible for the fall. • Women: greatest obstacle to salvation Sexuality • Sexual desire is an act of weakness • Fear of attraction to women • Women have imperfect physiology to men • Associated with magic powers Marriage: • Legitimizes sex with women • Only necessary for procreation • Produce virgins for life Conception • Men passive in the process of conception • Midwife helps with childbirth • Childbirth has a negative stigma Prostitution is regulated by the church o Church's positive point of view: Mary Cult of the Virgin: • Places her on a pedestal • Image over reality • Positive light of women Women's superiority • Conceived Christ • Mary Magdalene was the first to see Christ Image of the virgin connects people to God o Ambiguity Two extreme versions of women Women and the intellectual world • No education or university acceptance • Educated in other ways • Play of Adam o French Theater o Church's role in Theater o Semi-liturgical play because of Latin sections. Liturgy: either the customary public worship done by a specific religious group, according to its particular traditions (corresponding to ritual) or a more precise term that distinguishes between those religious groups that believe their ritual requires the "people" to do the "work" of responding to the priest, and those that do not (hence leitourgia = work of the people) Parts from the Bible o Language People were illiterate Language of the church Staging of Latin created old French Theater began in the Church o Title: Order for the representation of Adam o Three Parts: stories from the Bible The Fall of Adam and Eve The First Murder (Abel and Cain) Parade of the Prophets o Dramatic Structure Exposition • Law of marriage o He is my equal and my master o Relationship between God and Adam o Relationship between Adam and Eve o Feudal relationship • Pact between figure and Adam • Entry into paradise • The interdiction o Can eat anything but the fruit from the tree of knowledge Crisis • Seduction and Fall o Adam and Devil: serpent talks to Adam through the devil. Devil has a role in the play of Adam, devil and serpent separate entities o Devil does not come alone: demons running around paradise, in public amongst people, devil plays the role of entertainment giving him power o Devil tries to persuade Adam two times, invented for dramatic effect. Implicates women for not having the strength to say no....
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FR155 Study Guide - FR 155A Study Guide Charlemagne(712-814...

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