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SOC 153 - SOC 153 Women Work WEEK 1 Judith Lorber Night to...

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WEEK 1 Judith Lorber, “Night to his Day: The Social Construction of Gender” o Gender as socially constructed: nothing inate, natural, or biological about it Social construction: many things contribute to gender such as everyday interactions, institutions, organization, clothing (this process starts before birth) Some societies have 3 genders—all depends on culture (transgenders/transvestites) o Gender as a routine, constantly created and recreated through human interaction. o Gender, like culture, is a human production that depends on everyone constantly “doing gender” (everyone does this without thinking about it; it’s a performance) Gender is separate from sex—sex rarely changes, gender constantly changes o Gender is a major way humans organize themselves (bathroom signs, gender based parties such as bachelorette/bachelor parties) o Gender stratification in work force (stereotypes support it) o Gender transgressors reaffirm and challenge gender binaries (continuum) Man caring for baby and witnesses=doing gender Micael Faucault’s Understanding of Power o Power is multidirectional (not always spurring from the top of the power hierarchy triangle) and omnipresent (everywhere at the same time) Patricia Hill Collins Theory of the Matrix of Domination o Race, class, ethnicity, gender and religion all determine where one lies on the spectrum (socially constructed- Lorber) Intersectionality o Systems of oppression overlap and therefore experiences of diff forms overlap too Rich white woman may be treated differently from rich colored woman Ex. Miller-Young’s hypersexuality
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Blonde pornstar’s are treated better and valued more in the porn industry than colored porn stars are. They’re class and sex may be the same, but their ethnicity changes their place on the continuum Anderson “Commodification of domestic work”: women prefer their domestic house workers to be of certain ethnicities because stereotypically some ethnicities are nicer and work harder than others; Also, that worker ethnicity may effect the way they are treated at the home (power structure, abuse, etc.) When a man dresses more feminine- sex mixed with gender people may treat that person differently “Enough Injustice” : the women who are placed in these low wage jobs, making barely enough to support their family, are colored owmen, some migrants, who rarely speak English and will take whatever job they can get. Their race, tthnicity, the location (SB county), their sex and gender, etc all contribute to this o When gender interacts with other identity markers, gender itself is transformed o Identity markers shift due to race, class, ethnicity, gender, sex, etc. o
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SOC 153 - SOC 153 Women Work WEEK 1 Judith Lorber Night to...

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