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Keval Desai 10-21 - e Statistics i 3 Billion people have...

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10/21/2010 Product Management at Internet start-ups – Keval Desai I. Concepts to users to revenue to profit to concept – Product Management a. Role of internet in product management i. $800 million to get to the 1 st Mach 3 Gillette razor over 3 years iii. Testing the market 1. Travel to different countries and give representative consumer chance to use product a. Takes time and money 2. It is essential to ship out product in its final iteration b. Google i. Only took 6 months for google to reach foreign countries 1. “Google” is available to foreign “consumers” through internet, not necessary to physically travel around globe to test market c. Cost of failure – Recalls i. Internet – allows for low cost of failure ii. Traditional – product recall is costly and loses consumers d. The internet allows instantaneous feedback from representative consumer i. Low cost to test market ii. Easily accessible to “rep consumers” iii. Allows multiple opportunities to test many ideas
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Unformatted text preview: e. Statistics i. 3 Billion people have access to electricity and mobile phones ii. 2 Billion people have access to internet iii. 500 million facebook users iv. 300 million US population II. Market Potential a. Half of world’s population cannot be reached through internet i. Enormous upside to reach this segment b. Important to focus on largest market segment c. Usage over users i. Having access does not equate to usage d. China has the largest amount of users and growth i. Consider users, spoken language, products they use e. In-depth market research is necessary f. Use social networks to expand product to new users III. Present is Mobile “Mobile will be bigger than desktop internet in 5 years” a. Mobile definition expanded to include internet connectivity b. Tech Cycles i. Mainframe computing – 1960s ii. Mini-computing- 1970s iii. Personal computing – 1980s iv. Desktop Computing – 1990s v. Mobile Internet computing – 2000s c. The next generation of opportunity – Global & Mobile IV....
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Keval Desai 10-21 - e Statistics i 3 Billion people have...

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