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Courtney Keeney Dan Herb The Relationship between Economic Status and Child Health by Simon Condliffe and Charles R. Link Introduction: It is well believed in social sciences that there is a positive relationship between socioeconomic status (SES) and health. Condliffe and Link aim to study the effects of SES on children's health. They also strive to determine if different age groups are affected differently by changes in family income. Finally, the authors determine the affects of income on the prevalence of new chronic health conditions. Key Question: In their analysis, Condliffe and Link find a positive relationship between health and income status and an increasing magnitude of effect as children age. Low SES children are more susceptible to health shocks at a young age and are less able to recover from those shocks as they get older. More commonly low SES children are more likely to develop new chronic health conditions. Thus, there exists a positive relationship between income and resistance to the development of a chronic condition. Broader Context: Condliffe and Link are interested in developing targeted healthcare programs to minimize the occurrence of health shocks in children. The authors aim to use their results to specify programs to certain age groups and socioeconomic status children to maximize utilitarian gains from the resources used. Since their results show an increasing gradient of the effect of income as a child ages, health policies enacted to curb these effects will shed light on their root causes. Condliffe and Link show that preventative health policies aimed towards children at younger ages should curb health shock presence as children age. Data:
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herb_keeney - Courtney Keeney Dan Herb The Relationship...

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