1-27-10 - Jeff Sandaffer I “Winning the rat race will not...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-27-10 Jeff Sandaffer I. “Winning the rat race will not bring you happiness or fulfillment. The winner is still just a rat.” a. “Living every moment as the most important moment.” b. The most important thing is not the prize at the end, it’s the hero’s journey and how he/she has changed.” c. “Find great role models and ask great questions.” i. “Did I contribute something meaningful.” 1. Use my gifts to work towards something that I will not give up on 2. Never give up 3. Become an expert, focus on something 4. There will always be people out there who will work harder than me and be smarter than me. 5. “Michael Jordan, basketball/baseball analogy” 6. Ask 5 people what I do well better than anyone else on the planet 7. My calling must help others and satisfy me ii. “Was I a good person” 1. Setting good guardrails, differentiate between what I will and will not do 2. Before you buy anything, make sure you have at least 6 months salary. Because you always need some ‘Fuck You’ money. Be able to say fuck you to someone iii. “Who have I loved and who has loved me.” 1. Surround myself with good people II. “It’s all about you, but its not about you” a. Fight for a worthy cause b. Personal happiness is not the ultimate goal II I. Choose the hero’s journey, not the fool’s errand a. Write a one page letter of gratitude, show up unannounced and read it aloud b. Differentiate between happiness, satisfaction, fulfillment i. Momentary happiness V. Reflecting on current status and whether or not the result is satisfactory V. Looking back on life and being able to say “I am now the person I was always meant to be” c. “Fail early, cheaply, and often.” d. “Be able to face the moments when its all over, but its never all over. Be able to come back from those moments, pick up the pieces, and start again.” e. “Spend less than you make.” IV. ...
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1-27-10 - Jeff Sandaffer I “Winning the rat race will not...

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