1-20-10 - 1-20-10Legal Toolkit for Tech Start-ups:...

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Unformatted text preview: 1-20-10Legal Toolkit for Tech Start-ups: Stradling (Yocca Carlson & Rauth)I.Finding and Using Lawyersa. Corporate Lawyerb. Patent Lawyerc. Knowledgeable in specialized needs of startupsi. You are hiring a lawyer but not a law firm. This is somebody that will serve as a counselor to you with full confidentiality.1. Cost V. Valuea. Needs someone not to be a roadblock, but to advise on other creative avenues to achieve goalb. It is better to have a lawyer who will cost you early on and provide the right service rather than a cheaper lawyer in the beginning who will cost you down the road2. Long term relationshipa. Consider whether or not he/she has expertise in other areasd. Dealing with your Lawyeri. Time is money1. Dont waste the lawyers timeii.Be realistic with your needsiii.Be prepared, take the first stepsII. Sources of Intellectual Propertya. Your own invention V. Someones inventioni. Using someones intellectual property will require some form of payment be it cash, options, or percentage ownership of the companyb. University/research institution sourced inventionIII. Financing your ventureIII....
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1-20-10 - 1-20-10Legal Toolkit for Tech Start-ups:...

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