C7 Paper #1 Final

C7 Paper #1 Final - Henry Tran [email protected] Adam K...

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Henry Tran [email protected] Adam K Ghazi-Tehrani MS Writing Assignment #1 Tennessee along with three other states, Arizona, Georgia and Virginia, recently passed a law that allows permitted gun owners to bring their firearm into bars. This is based on the assumption that they are not to consume any alcohol while inside of the bar and armed. Initially, the governor of Tennessee vetoed the bill but the house and the senate voted in favor of the bill, overriding the veto, making it a statutory law. The intention is to provide the citizen with individual safety because the state believes that if they were stuck in a life threatening situation, they would be more equipped to respond and defend themselves instead of waiting for help. It extends the rights given by the second Amendment because it states that citizens have the “right to keep and bear arms…within the home” and this allows for them to bring them to bars. By overriding the governor’s veto, the house and senate are both exemplifying another
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C7 Paper #1 Final - Henry Tran [email protected] Adam K...

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