Currie1115 - CHOICE progam: state of Maryland,...

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Currie 02:56 3 levels of developing better set of strategies of dealing with crime changing priorities of criminal justice system itself o use the justice system more preventively o instead of waiting to step in once the crime has occurred o change the way we deal with people once they get into the system o we either don’t do anything or  o 1950’s: prison system wouldn’t work unless we rehabilitated them at the  same time as punishing them o Robert Martinson- nothing works to rehab criminals o Methods that work: Invest more in alternative sanctions. 
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Unformatted text preview: CHOICE progam: state of Maryland, Massachusetts, etc., seeks to prevent recidivism among juvenile probationers by providing a series of round-the-clock services to at-risk youth and their families. MST (Multisystemic Therapy): is an intensive family-and community-based treatment program that focuses on the entire world of chronic and violent juvenile offenders their homes and familes, schools and teachers, neighborhoods and friends. working outside of the system to broader changes in society 02:56 02:56...
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Currie1115 - CHOICE progam: state of Maryland,...

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