review - Crime in the Family 1 What are some of the causes...

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Crime in the Family 1. What are some of the causes of family violence? What do we know about the kinds of families that are most likely to be involved in these crimes? What are some of the key social, economic, and cultural factors that encourage (or discourage) violence in the family? Many studies have found that family violence stems from those who suffer from poverty, unemployment, single parent households, young mothers, reside in dangerous hazardous environments that maybe gang infested, parents who lack the resources to provide adequate care and child rearing techniques. Families who live below the poverty line in inner cities are those who are at highest risk of family violence. Key social factors that encourage family violence is the lack of resources provided to these families through the federal government. The Luxumberg Income Study showed that the income distribution is unequal and the gap between the rich and the poor and growing as the years progress. United States lack the programs that addresses social issues which then contribute to economical factors that encourage family violence. Parents without proper resources and proper instruction are more likely to abuse their children. Programs such as Head Start and Pre-Natal Early Infancy Program help young mothers through home visits by either professional nurses and paraprofessionals hired to help these young mothers through the early stages of pregnancy and the first new months of their newborns. These programs provide direction and advice in proper effective child rearing practices. These programs also aid mothers in sustaining food, housing, looking for jobs or education 2. How does the response to family violence- by the criminal justice system and other agencies- compare with the way we respond to “street” crime? What might be some reasons for the difference? Could we improve the way the justice system (and other agencies) deal with family violence? How?
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The CLS program responses to family violent through programs such as PEIP, Head Start in hopes of having preventive goals. Through these programs there are hopes that family violence would be prevented through the help of outside sources that aid these impoverished mothers in raising a healthy children in stable households. In regards to “street crime”, the CLS is too focused on punishment, any criminologists suggest that US should take preventative measure against street crimes, but implementing more programs in the juvenile stage to prevent these teens from becoming adult offenders. CLS is allocating most of the funds to the prison system, which focuses on punishing and deterring rather then rehabilitating and preventative. For example only a few state prisons have drug treatment programs,
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review - Crime in the Family 1 What are some of the causes...

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