Dombrink - approach Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 Throughout...

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Dombrink 16:39 Nation of drugs as recreation, fun, alternative, reality in the 60s. Drug Policy Continued Anslinger and moral entrepreneurs (Becker) and bureaucratic expansion  argument (Dickson) o Moral entrepreneur: someone who makes it his/her business to further  create problem consciousness. Anslinger was this person on the drug  issue.  1914- Harrison Act o the critical transformation from unregulated medical use-drug (see elixirs  Coca-Cola, topical anesthetic) to tightly controlled social menace is the  foundation for the American prohibition approach. Medical profession isn’t curing people by giving out additional heroin The criminal law approach pushes away the other approaches o By 1930, the criminal approach and prohibition approach is the dominant 
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Unformatted text preview: approach Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 Throughout social threat/race/class effects Marijuana from killer weed to dropout drug Reassessment of drug policies (1960s and 1970s marijuana specific) American approach prohibition, rather than regularion or medicalization o Vs. Dutch dutch wanted it to be safer. Gave out free clean needles. Counter-culture o San Francisco and the counterculture o Not simply an alternative to alcohol The 60s o There wouldnt have been the Sixties without drugs, especially the 60s that we knew Tom Robbins o Timothy Leary - 16:39 16:39...
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Dombrink - approach Marijuana Tax Act of 1937 Throughout...

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