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Henry Tran November 22, 2010 Professor Jesilow Midterm Review Questions 6. U.S. officers of the 19th century established close ties with local people. Why? U.S. officers of the 19 th century established close ties with local people because they needed the support in order to maintain a positive presence and not receive backlash. Without local support, the officers would be out of jobs and back to their blue- collar jobs. Officers of the 19 th century were also highly unqualified for their positions. They didn’t receive the proper training for them to protect the local people and therefore, had to rely on them to help watch their backs. They also weren’t qualified to use their guns because during the 19 th century, they were put on the beat as soon as they were hired. Extensive background checks weren’t performed and this allowed for people such
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Unformatted text preview: as plumbers and carpenters to be able to carry guns around in police attire. Another reason the officers had a close tie with local people is because of the lack of technology. During the 19 th century, there weren’t any patrol cars, car radios, and surveillance cameras, etc. In order for the police department to keep close surveillance on their specific area, they relied heavily on local assistance whenever any trouble and/or concern arose. U. S. officers depended on local people to help patrol the streets and in order for this to happen, they also had to obey the citizen’s orders. Their main objective was to keep them happy which led to extreme and punitive measures....
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