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Jesilow Essay 2 - department The local community was...

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Henry Tran November 22, 2010 C139 Police & Change Professor Jesilow Midterm Extra Credit 10. Discuss characteristics of policing that probably doomed efforts to professionalize. In the early 1900’s police officers in the United States felt a need to professionalize their profession. The local communities were growing sick and tired of their bias actions toward specific social and racial groups. But despite the effort to professionalize, they were hit with many obstacles that halted this social movement. August Vollmer proposed that in order to professionalize the police officers, proper education and training had to take place. This was intended to provide proper discretion and moral judgment when presented with a troubling situation. But in order to carry out this plan, there needed to be tons of funding and cash flow given to the police
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Unformatted text preview: department. The local community was hesitant on providing funds to properly train and educate police officers because they believed only high up positions such as police administrators needed the education. They were unable to receive the proper funding and this doomed the effort to professionalize. Many college graduates who achieved the proper education required to be a police officer in the professional era, weren’t looking to become police officers because of the lack in advancement. Police officers had to serve a minimum of five years as patrolmen before even being considered for a promotion. This was a discouraging aspect of being a police officer and many found other numerous career opportunities elsewhere....
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Jesilow Essay 2 - department The local community was...

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