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Jesilow Essay 3 - police officers had to follow it isolated...

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Henry Tran November 22, 2010 Professor Jesilow Midterm Essay Question 15. Which of the police organizational styles would most likely contribute to hostility between the police and the citizens they patrolled? Why? During the beginning half of the quarter, we were introduced to three different police organizational styles: professional, bureaucratic and community policing. The professional era promoted a higher level of education amongst entry-level police officers but was short-lived due to the lack of funding. The bureaucratic model provided an orderly quasi-military based system in which police officers were to follow specific instruction by higher up officials. Community policing allowed the local police department to interact with community residents to solve direct problems. Although the bureaucratic model provided society with a strict set of rules that the
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Unformatted text preview: police officers had to follow, it isolated the physical interaction between the police officer and civilian. Under the bureaucratic model, police officers were encouraged to not allow their feelings or emotions to interfere with their decision-making. The bureaucratic model put an emphasis on police officers to keep record of their patrol and arrest logs. This created a negative ideal on how they went about their jobs. An example would be the Watts’ riot in 1965. A California highway patrol officer pulled over Marquette Frye and after he failed to pass the sobriety test, the officer refused to allow his brother and mother to drive the car home due to the strict rules he had to follow from the handbook. A riot ensued, demonstrating the frustration between the patrol officer and the community....
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Jesilow Essay 3 - police officers had to follow it isolated...

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