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Jesilow Essay 4 - Male police officers also weren’t...

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Henry Tran November 22, 2010 Professor Jesilow Midterm Essay Question 25. Women entered patrol in 1968. Researchers noted some behavioral differences when the women worked with men. Describe them. Before women entered the patrol force in 1968, they dealt with the social work at the police department. They were brought in to take care of phone calls, domestic disputes and paperwork. They weren’t allowed to work the patrol force because many male police officers felt that they weren’t suited for the brunt force. After being introduced to the patrol force in 1968, many behavioral differences came to surface between men and women police officers. The first difference was the dissatisfaction amongst women police officers after the change. They were disappointed that they were being forced into the patrol unit because they initially signed up for solely social work.
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Unformatted text preview: Male police officers also weren’t welcoming to the change. They believed that women weren’t capable of police work, stating that they were too weak and were essentially pushovers. As a result, they believed that potential criminals would take advantage of a female police officer through physical force. This created a division between male and female police officers because male police officers didn’t feel safe if they had a female officer as their partner. The introduction of female police officers to the patrol force came at a pivotal point in America’s history. The late 60’s and early 70’s saw a major increase in women’s rights including the passing of Title IX and the pivotal abortion decision of Roe v. Wade....
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Jesilow Essay 4 - Male police officers also weren’t...

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