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Jesilow Final Exam Essay 1 - Their families provide an...

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Henry Tran 12/10/10 Final Exam Essay Questions 29. Discuss how officers escape the police culture. Living outside of the law enforcement culture is a difficult task for the majority of police officers in the force. Beginning on the first day of the academy, recruits are broken down both physically and mentally in order to create solidarity amongst the group. Solidarity is a key issue in the police culture because it builds trust, which will increase the safety of themselves and their fellow comrades in real life situations. Through the shaming and stress training each officer goes through, they establish tight-knit relationships with fellow recruits because they develop the same ideals and mentality. They begin to develop an ‘us versus them’ mentality and this creates a barrier between their old friends and themselves.
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Unformatted text preview: Their families provide an escape from the police culture for the police officers because most value their role in their families much greater than that of a police officer. Officers also keep in contact with old friends that they have built strong relationships with prior to their employment. They keep these friendships because when they socialize with them, they share a common interest outside of the police culture. These old friends also don’t judge them for their newfound careers and this provides the police officer with a sense of acceptance. This is very important for a police officer because although they are off duty, the public still perceives them as an enforcer that judges their every move and because of this, police officers generally do not introduce themselves as cops until a strong relationship has been established....
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Jesilow Final Exam Essay 1 - Their families provide an...

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