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Jesilow Final Exam Essay 2

Jesilow Final Exam Essay 2 - In the case of domestic...

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Henry Tran 12/10/10 C139 Police & Change Professor Jesilow Final Exam Essay Question 34. Explain how officers want to handle juvenile spray painters and how this contrasts with their desires for the handling of domestic disputes. When police officers see juvenile spray painters, they immediately associate them as gang delinquents. By associating them as gang members, they assume that the juvenile spray painters are “out to get them” and because of this, they detain them in an attempt to deter their offenses. They believe that by taking them to jail, it will send the message of jail being a place that isn’t very pleasant and hopefully will prevent them from committing future. Police officers treat juvenile spray painters harshly because they believe in scaring the kid instead of rehabilitating them. They go to extensive measures to drive their point home so to speak, even involving the juvenile’s parents in on the act.
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Unformatted text preview: In the case of domestic offenses, police officers avoid making arrests and taking the offender into custody. Their reasoning for this is that they believe more problems will arise from it. This is called “neutralization” which means that it’s a strategy used by cops in order to justify the wrongdoing of their actions. Although these offenses are generally greater than juvenile offenses, the police officers don’t arrest the perpetrator in this situation. Police officers dread showing up to a domestic dispute case because they believe it’s social work, brings no excitement and may cause a great deal of harm towards them. They neutralize their actions by stating that they can arrest the offender but the victim usually doesn’t press charges. Generally, domestic disputes involve low socioeconomic families so arresting would cause the family additional hardship....
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Jesilow Final Exam Essay 2 - In the case of domestic...

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