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Tran 1 Henry Tran 90563294 Professor Bickford C145 Government Crime 9 June 2011 The Corruption of the Turkish Government In the article, “Disaster By Design: Corruption, Construction and Catastrophe,” the author Penny Green speaks upon the violation of human rights by the Turkish on its citizens during natural disasters, mainly earthquakes. Ninety-five percent of Turkey, which is located in parts of Asia and far western Europe, is an earthquake region. 1 The entire country is constantly hit with devastating earthquakes that generate magnitudes as large as 7.4 and in a span of three years; three earthquakes have struck Turkey, combining to wipe out over 300,000 homes and 40,000 lives. 3 Despite the large reputation of being an earthquake prone country, Turkey hasn’t taken many safety measures in order to protect its citizens from suffering the ill effects. Instead, they participate in a series of state organizational deviant acts, which include systemic corruption; state collusion with corporate crime; government collusion in the illegal activities of its own elites; war crimes; negligence; and post-disaster cover-ups. c The Turkish government deliberately fail to create safer and more earthquake sound buildings for its citizens because of the large revenue stream of money given to them by construction companies, who are involved in competitive bidding wars against each other in order to gain the rights to rebuild the ravished towns. The liberalization of the economy to a laissez faire approach was the jumpstart to the
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bickford extra credit paper - Tran 1 Henry Tran 90563294...

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