Bickford Lecture 4

Bickford Lecture 4 - He became a spy because he was afraid...

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Bickford Lecture 4 07:20 Uranium and Plutoneum Atomic Bomb Age Type of encryption: used numbers to send codes. Started sending letters instead  of numbers because it was cheaper. Bookbreaking – trying to figure out which code groups stood for which words William Livespard – KBG spy September 1949 – soviet tested Atom Bomb Greenglass – named Rosenberg as KBG spy that recruited him. Wife name was  Ethel. Ruth Greenglass – sister in law Ethel Rosenberg – got arrested to put pressure on Julius Rosenberg to show up.  They got charged with stealing the secret of the Atom Bomb and giving it to the  Soviets. Robert McQueen Ted Hall – got interrogated by McQueen. Was a KGB spy. Worked at Los Alamos. 
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Unformatted text preview: He became a spy because he was afraid the U.S. would become a reactionary power and this gave the Soviet a chance to stand up to them. Fuchs – gave the Soviet the blueprint to the initiator Julius & Ethel – executed in prison in 1953. Ethel shouldn’t have because not enough incriminating evidence and had two kids to take care of Ted Hall & Fuchs played bigger roles than in giving KGB information Venana Project – listening to Soviet calls. Decoding code lasted until 1980. After 1948, no more codes were able to be broken. They were tipped by William Livespard. KGB knew about Venond almost from the start. 07:20 07:20...
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Bickford Lecture 4 - He became a spy because he was afraid...

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