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COGN Oral Exam Notes 2 - L akoff argues that power forms...

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Lakoff argues that power forms the basis of all human interactions; it can change realities for people, and creates winners and losers Language forms the basis of power because it carries power into the human mind, making it an artifact of the human mind as opposed to the body. It initiates and interprets power relationships. These underlying prejudices, desires, and tendencies make up their unconscious Since it’s a part of the mind, it operates often consciously and unconsciously to initiate and interpret power that the individual are not aware of Like people, institutions also have both conscious and unconscious means, so they can develop hierarchies of power that are not always tied to their central purpose For example, a government has the central purpose of keeping order in a country, has a hierarchy However, a government can establish an official language, seems like for the purpose of administrative efficiency But then, English is the only vehicle through which one can move up the hierarchy Calls into question the individual identities of speaks on the non-chosen language, suggesting that some identities are more valid than others why immigrant workers are at the bottom and politicians and at the top, because they have a command of the language that legitimizes their power
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COGN Oral Exam Notes 2 - L akoff argues that power forms...

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