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CAT 2 Lecture Notes - CAT 2 Lecture 2/7/11 Manga Kamishibai...

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Unformatted text preview: CAT 2 Lecture 2/7/11 Manga Kamishibai paper theatre, one precursor for manga, way for images to be juxtaposed differently live, performance, relationship between presenter and audience** used as propaganda, emerged in 1930 children refered to it as uncle (ojisan) kamishibai many manga artists started out as kamishibiya, fell due to T.V., etc. The ambience of kamishibai / at fall of evening / fireflies on a darkening street corner suggests ephemeral performance, doesnt leave a trace idea of collective consumption think about the relationship with the audience butai = miniature stage prewar 1930s superheroes, Golden Bat (b.1931) one of the first costumed superheroes in the world; supernatural being living years into the future o cross eyed expression medium overtaken by wartime propaganda o Evil American GI o Bushido glory of Japanese soldiers o Kintaro the Paratrooper: militarize children Post-war: censored, children of the bomb/ Prayer for Peace o Targeted children to show them what happened, un-shelter them Nausica of the Valley of the Wind Nausicaa originally from Homers Odyssey, Phaenician princess (role was small) Bernard Evslins version: heroic role Idea also came from Like Heian-era (794-1185) : princess that loved insects, a outcast for not blackening her teeth or chased princes Wanted to give this princess of the heroic role, love of nature 1984-199: serialized in Animage magazine 1984 anime based on volumes 1-2 produced by Studio Ghibli (co-founder) Hayao Miyazaki Minamata Bay disaster and pollution diseasesin Japan disease in Nausicaa influenced by this environmental disease, hyperindustrialization that causes this in Nausicaa Chisso Cotp. Chemical factor mercury poisoining in 1956, open til 1968 o Methyl-mercury wastewater infected shell/fish for 30 years Minamata disease o More than 2,000 victims o Numbness in hands and feet o 2 nd outbreak Niigata Prefecture in 1965 Nausicaa: industrialization causing the world to unhabitable, toxic, caused remaining people to war for resources Nausicaa sound effects: Katakana CAT 2: Animation, Simulation, and Performance Lecture 2/9/11 Kyokan = the group spirit formed by being part of the audience for a kamishibai performance Hayao Miyzakis Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Born in 1941 in Tokyo (2 nd of two sons) Father was director of Miyazaki Airplane in WWII fascination with flight as empowerment seen in many of his films Mother was ill throughout much of Hayaos childhood but she was an avid reader and critical thinker His work great respect for female characters Hayaos admiration for mangaka such as Osamu Tezuka (Astroboy), but tried to develop his own distinctive style First anime job at Toei Animation in 1963 o Worked as an inbetween artist, generate intermediate frames / panels seamlessly in animated films...
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CAT 2 Lecture Notes - CAT 2 Lecture 2/7/11 Manga Kamishibai...

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