Critical Play - Notes

Critical Play - Notes - C ritical Play: Radical Game Design...

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by Mary Flanagan Games for creative epxpression, conceptual thinking, social issues, beyond fun Cultural medium across social, economic, age and gender categories challenge norms Artistic, political, social critique How “play” has influenced history of creative exploration of social and political open up play Art and politics: Mexican rev 1917 provocative material, Constructivist Russian Rev., 1968 student poster-ing The practice of play, artists with social and cultural roles, gaming as art = creative and aesthetic Play should manifest critical thinking Marcel Duchamp: young artists should not pick up predecessor’s work and try to beat; need to adapt own work to be different How artists call challenge ideas, beliefs, and social expectations using play In a time of decline in action and sense of agency Artists “making” outside commercial establishments, critical play Medium of expression, manipulate representation systems, rules of progress, codes of conduct, context of reception, win / lose paradigms, interaction, etc. Play – Brian Sutton-Smith: play fun, voluntary, essentially motivated, free will, escape, exciting, also dark play as learning, power, fantasy, self “Power plays” (competition and aggression) and “fun” Vital part of mental development and learning, voluntary / intrinsic vs. ritual /communication Mental feedback define social norms and identity, forms of
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Critical Play - Notes - C ritical Play: Radical Game Design...

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