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COGN 21 Lecture Notes 2

COGN 21 Lecture Notes 2 - Lecture Notes Sound We are a very...

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Lecture Notes 4/26/11 – Sound We are a very visual society, culture we are not used to thinking of sound as separate from image Sound has its own theory and identity, has its own “air” outside the image o Frame/box contains the shot o Sound works outside the image o Think of sound as a source, place, how it comes into the image, as a layer added into the image Off-screen (information from the outside that we don’t necessarily see) and on-screen (inside the frame) o Sound in film: Persona : suspenseful, upbeat these sounds are supposed to go against narrative Confusing, experimental Musique concrete: sounds of everyday life to create music going against music as an symphonic composition manipulation of acoustic sounds Playing natural sound of voice with electronic sound of microphone Sounds can be layered with each other; operates on the layered layer, can be dispersed Sound as separate from narrative and language looking at sound = determining where it comes from a mediating element Creation of illusion and reality also comes from sound “Sound is like a child without parents”; does not have a “place”, but still married to the image depending on its placement in the context of the image Diegetic sound (belongs to the story / in the world of the movie), non-diegetic sound (from outside, orchestrated) Background sound (aka territory sound): related to the place/location, different soundscapes o Ambient sounds vs. sound effects Internal sounds – of the mind (subjective) and physiological (objective) On-air sounds – recorded we are aware of it, example: radio Music – problematic when the music takes over all the other sounds, but operates on the emotional level, as opposed to other sounds which place us within the image o Helps deal with the silence of scenes Lecture Notes 5/3/11 Documentaries Documentary concerned with an aspect of the “truth”, education Political or social analysis Nannok of the North , relationship between filmmaker and the documentary subject, “staged reality”
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Ethno-fiction: people change when they know that they are being filmed, the camera shapes the way we behave in front of it o Turning real life and fantasy in one – ethnography stripped off reality and elevated into fantasy
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COGN 21 Lecture Notes 2 - Lecture Notes Sound We are a very...

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